DCR Design
Branding  Identity + Graphic System 
DCR Design is a consulting firm that specializes in maps, way finding systems, geo-analytics, and information graphics. After years of building a substantial client base, including a large contract with LA Metro, they reached out for a new redesign to their brand identity and graphics system. For this project, the emphasis was on “community engagement” and a broader appeal to local agencies who’s work involves input from communities of various regions. Not only would DCR showcase it’s ability to create beautiful and informative maps, but now DCR would also focus on communicating how new transit and civic projects would affect communities using simplified illustrations and diagrams. The new DCR Design brand identity and illustrations reflect their approach to clients and community groups: modern thinking, practical solutions, grassroots input, and easy-to-comprehend design approaches.
Logo + Brand Design
Web Design + Illustrations
Hero Image Illustration
Secondary Illustrations

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