Greetings, I’m Nick Bockelman and I'm an illustrator and designer. In my work, I utilize a diverse range of styles and formats that help visually communicate ideas in a compelling and engaging way. 
From iconography and brand identity, to intricate illustrations and infographics, I produce a range of high quality visuals that can convey rich meaning, and educate an audience about complicated subject matter. Sometimes obsessively detail oriented, I strive for professional and pleasing results in every project.
Currently, I live on the central coast of California where I enjoy being active throughout the year. I also teach design courses here at the university and community college. If you’re looking for someone to create stunning illustrations and graphics for your organization or business, I’m available for most freelance projects. You can contact me via this website.
Editorial + Book illustration 
Promotional + Web illustration
Instructional illustration 
Technical illustration
Information graphics (Infographics)
Brand Identity
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